Enrichment - skill development - tutoring services

Test Preparation

  • Practice Tests
  • State Test Preparation
  • ACT/SAT Preparation

Our Instructors

The Boykin Center staff are subject matter experts with many success stories. 


The Boykin Center provides one-on-one tutoring in Math, Reading, and Writing. We also offer homework help and summer  read more

The Boykin process begins with an assessment test, orientation and the application process.  Students will have the opportunity to enroll in one of the following programs:

  • Skill development - Students will return to the basic and develop the necessary skills to become successful in school.
  • Enhancement - Students will learn skills ahead of their grade level, preparing the student for success as a future college student.
  • Tutoring - Students will receive assistance on daily classroom assignments.
  • Standardized Testing - Students will learn skills and testing strategies for the ACT, SAT, GMAT, or GRE.

Application fee                                         $25.00  (per family)

One Class Hour Per Week                      $125.00 per Month

Two Class Hours Per Week                    $185.00 per Month

ACT/SAT/GRE Preparation                    $225.00 per Month, two sections per week

Application, application fee, and first month tuition is due prior to first class. 

We believe that math and reading are the basis for all subjects, building these skills will be our main focus.